Thursday, February 25, 2021

Network file storage and backup available to Faculty and Staff: 

Network data storage is available to all Faculty and Staff whose PCs are joined to the ESF domain. To begin, users will receive 1 GB of backed-up storage that is available from anywhere they log in to the ESF.EDU domain (ESFADMIN). For further details and to see how to determine if you should be receiving this service, please see the following:

Network Storage

If you would like to receive this service and are not, please contact to schedule an appointment to set up access. 

Email quotas have been increased for ESF email users: 

Network email storage has been increased to 1 GB for users of ESF.EDU email. Any messages stored in this space are available both on and off-Campus through the Outlook Web Access client available at If you need assistance managing your email to better fit within this storage space, please contact to schedule an appointment with a CNS staff member.

Certain Microsoft products are available at no cost: 

Certain Microsoft Products are available for Campus distribution without cost to the end user provided the software will be installed on a State/Campus-owned device. For more details, please see the following: Microsoft Products

Visiting Instructors: 

If you are a Visiting Instructor, you will need to go to room 317 Baker Labs before you will be able to log in to any public lab or classroom PC if you have not already done so. If you know of a Visiting Instructor who would benefit from this information, please forward this message to them.

Lost something?:

If you have forgotten any belongings in the Computing Center Labs (including the Moon Lab), we will bring the items to our HelpDesk/printer/output room in 317 Baker where you can claim them.
As always: please remember to remove your memory stick before leaving the Lab.