Saturday, February 24, 2018

ESFiD Management:

Welcome to ESFiD Management

This process will allow you to reset your password or unlock your ESF user account (ESFiD) whenever you need to do so without calling the help desk. Before you can use ESFiD Management, you need to set up the service. The setup process asks security questions and records/stores your answers. This will allow you to maintain your account in the future even if you have forgotten your password or if your account is ever locked out (due to, for example, too many incorrect log in attempts).

Start Here:

ESFiD Setup process:

  1. Click the 'ESFiD setup' link below to begin the process.
  2. Log in: Enter your ESFiD username and password when prompted (Your ESFiD is the username and password you use with your ESF email).
  3. Confirm your current password.
  4. Select and answer your security questions for use later.
That's it! Once registered, you can change your ESFiD password, or unlock you account, at any time from anywhere on any device. You can also repeat this process at any time if you forget the answers to your security questions.

Change your password here:

ESFiD password change/unlock:

After setup, you can use the following to change your ESFiD password or unlock your account: