Tuesday, January 26, 2021
ESF students and staff are provided 1GB of network storage that is hosted and backed-up on the ESF campus. This storage is automatically mapped as your H-drive when you login to a campus domain-joined PC, though it can be connected manually if you are using a Mac or Linux PC. It is accessible from anywhere on the ESF network; and can be accessed off-campus via ESF's FileWay interface.

ESF students and staff have access to a Microsoft OneDrive account associated with their ESF Office 365 subscription. It can be accessed via the Microsoft Office 365 Portal: https://portal.office.com or by signing in to the OneDrive app on your PC (or Mac if you have a newer version of the Microsoft Office Suite). This storage option has a default capacity of 1TB.

ESF faculty and staff are also allocated departmental storage, for use in sharing and storing files intradepartmentally. Like the H-drive, this storage option is typically mapped as your O- or Z-; and is accessible from anywhere on the ESF network or off-campus via ESF's FileWay interface.

ESF staff and faculty also have access to an ESF-affiliated Google Drive. This option can be accessed via the link: https://drive.esf.edu using your ESFiD username and password. Their is no limit on the storage available on Google Drive.
ESF students are provided Google Drive access via their SU NetID credentials and can login through Google's main site: https://drive.google.com using the username NetID@g.syr.edu and their NetID password.