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SU's  NetID
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Employee Accounts:

There are several types of user accounts that ESF employees need to be familiar with. These are:

  • SU NetIDs
  • ESF user accounts/ESF email accounts
  • ESF Information Systems (Faculty/Staff portal) accounts
  • SUNY/State systems access accounts
  • Research Foundation systems access accounts
Not every employee will have or need access to all of these systems and, therefore, will not be assigned all types of accounts.

Username/Password discretion is a key part of campus network security. Please do not share your credentials with anyone. If an individual requires access to a system or service at ESF, they may speak with their supervisor or CNS to be issued their own credentials.

      Please also be sure to keep your own account secure by changing your password at least every three months.

From a PC that is joined to the ESFADMIN domain (your ‘log on to location’ is ESFADMIN):

Go to and log in with your ESFiD and password, click the gear in the upper-right corner of the browser window and click the change password link.


  • Log in to a campus PC and gain access to your desktop

  • Press Ctrl-Alt-Delete

  • Press the Change Password button

  • Enter your current password

  • Enter your new password

  • Confirm your new password

  • Click Ok (or other presented method of acknowledgement).


From a PC that is joined to the AD domain (your ‘log on to location’ is AD) or for users using primarily SU email:

  • Go to

  • Click Manage Your NetID

  • Log in using your SU NetID and password

  • Click Change Password

  • Enter your Current Pasword

  • After carefully reading the password criteria enter a new password

  • Confirm your new password

  • Click Submit


From home or a Campus PC not joined to any domain (log on to location is ‘This Computer’):

  • Go to
  • Log in

  • Click options

  • Click Change Your Password

  • Enter your current password

  • Enter your new password

  • Confirm your new password

  • Click Save

Passwords must be at least 13 characters long (a combination of letters, number and symbols).


Passwords must contain items from 3 of the following 4 categories:

  1. Special character (e.g. #,$,%,^, etc.) Note: please do not use the @, &, /, \, or = symbols in your password.
  2. Capital letter (e.g. A,B,C, D, etc.)
  3. Lower-case letter (e.g. a,b,c,d, etc.) 
  4. Numeric character (1,2,3,4, etc.)


The ESF Campus Network Password system remembers the last 5 passwords that you have used and you can not reuse these.

Your password choice can not include your username in any way. For example, the following username and password combination would not be allowed: 
        Username: Mickeymouse 
        Password: Mickeymouse$

You can not have a local username that matches the name of the computer. For example, if your computer name on the ESF network is Mickeymouse, you can not have a local user on that machine named Mickeymouse.

Finally, your password cannot be or contain any word found in the dictionary and at least 4 of the characters you use to construct the password must be different.

Valid Password Examples:

  • abcZYX1!2020a
  • #PPle12-2020b
  • Meli$$a1-2020c
  • =====> Note that these are horrible to remember. Consider a phrase!
  • This is my password for 2020
  • The monkey jumped over the dog in 2020
  • Monkey jump fuzzy bunny 2020
  • ======> These are longer and easier to remember.

Invalid Password Examples:

  • Any variation on 'ESF'
  • Your name
  • The word 'green'
  • A blank password
Check out our Frequently Asked Questions section!

Special Notice:

Beginning November 3, 2014, Syracuse University began enforcing an annual password change policy that requires ESF community members maintain an up-to-date password for their SU NetID. More information concerning this change and steps to ensure you are notified can be found through the following link: SU Password Change Info