Sunday, November 29, 2020
Welcome to ESFiD setup and management 

===> Newly accepted full-time students/applicants for fall 2020:

Please Note: Our process is changing for students accepted for fall 2020 entry. New student for the fall of 2020 should follow this link for assistance setting up their ESFiD and resetting its password. Note that this is Part 1 of ESFiD set up for students newly entering in 2020.

===> Current ESF students/Part-time/Visiting/Deferred students:

This process helps you set up your ESFiD for first use. it will also allow you to reset your password or unlock your ESF user account (ESFiD) whenever you need to do so. Before you can use your ESFiD, you need to set it up. The setup process asks for a password and security questions and records/stores your answers. This will allow you to setup and maintain your account in the future even if you have forgotten your password or if your account is ever locked out (due to, for example, too many incorrect log in attempts).

ESFiD Setup process:

STOP: Please make sure you setup/activate your SU NetID first at: .

  • Once set up is complete, you can access your ESF email via or Your SU email can be accessed through 

  • The New ESF Student portal ( uses only the ESFiD to log in. You cannot log into this new portal with your SU NetID (the username and password you use to access SU email and Blackboard).

  • When logging in to the New ESF Student portal (, please only use the username portion of your ESFiD and not Many ESF system require or allow, such as ESF email or the ESF Evergreen wireless network, but the Student Portal does not.

Forgot your ESFiD password? Change your password here:

ESFiD password change/recovery:

After setup, you can use the following to change your ESFiD password or unlock your account or simply go to and click the "Forgot password" link:

ESFiD account/Office365 Profile management:

Click the link below, sign in, and then click your name in the upper right-hand corner of the window.