Thursday, February 25, 2021

CNS Provides and/or supports the following end-user services:

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Service to Faculty/Staff State/College owned PCs* that reside on the ESF Campus.


Basic trouble-shooting assistance for State/College owned printers that reside on the ESF Campus.


Provide quotes, upon request, for supported PC/Mac hardware configurations.

  Configuration and setup of new College-owned computers* that reside on the ESF Campus and associated peripheral equipment.
     NOTE: "Peripheral equipment" includes items that come in associated quotes from CNS; it does not include extraneous items such as:
    consumer entertainment devices, consumer communication devices, web cameras, label printers, desktop scanners, et etc...





Assistance with the installation and maintenance of Campus-licensed software including Microsoft Windows and Office suites.


Basic trouble-shooting and installation assistance with properly licensed software titles.

  eg: SAS, Minitab, Adobe, Autodesk, and etc.


Provide quotes, upon request, for selected software titles from Microsoft and Adobe.



Campus Network:


Wired/wireless connections to the ESF Campus Network where available.


User account services for ESF Faculty and Staff.


Email for ESF Faculty and Staff using PC/Mac Microsoft Outlook or the Outlook Web Access client.

Network-based file storage and backup to individual Faculty and Staff, and Departments.


Student, Faculty, and Staff SU NetID issue resolution.


Student, Faculty, and Staff SU storage and storage quota issues.

Networked printing services in departmental offices and computing labs for Faculty, Staff, and Students.

Off-Campus FTP services upon request.

Support connections SUNY/State and SU systems.


Computing Center: 

Maintain all ESF Campus public/lab/classroom PCs, including both hardware and software support.


Faculty, Staff, and Student public computing lab issues - including software and printing/print quota.

*Support preference is given to users that purchase a campus-standard PC/Laptop configuration.

Contact us:

Computing and Network Services
317 Baker Labs : 315-470-6861