Tuesday, August 20, 2019
You can access ESF's secure FTP server from anywhere on campus. If you are using an ESF computer in one of the labs on campus you can simply access the FTP server as if it where a drive on your computer. 

    Go to My Computer and click on the drive labelled as \\esf-sfs\department (Z:)

Through wireless laptops on the Evergreen you can access the FTP server through typing the address in your file browser.

    Go to your file browser and type into the address field: \\esf-sfs\department\
    Enter your SU netID username and password in the form of AD\netID

How to access the ESF FTP Site Off-Campus:

Download and install the Bitvice SSH Client at https://www.bitvise.com/ssh-client-download.

Launch the Bitvice SSH Client. Under the Login tab enter the following:

  Host: esf-sfs.esf.edu
  Port: 22
  Username: ad\SUNetID (put “ad\” followed by your SU NetID)
  Initial method: password
  Password: Your SU NETiD password

Under the SSH tab open the Host Key option and check the DSA box.

After configuring those settings click Log in.
In the Host Key Verification window that opens up click Accept and save.
The User Authentication Banner will pop up you can read and close it.
The SFTP file interface window will open up. This can sometimes take a couple minutes.