Thursday, February 25, 2021

Requesting Assistance For Hardware Repair

If your equipment has begun to malfunction, act suspicious or simply stopped working, you can request a service call via the Helpdesk Request Form.

ESF Campus Windows 7 PC standard

  • Minimum PC Standard for Windows 7: Desktop: Optiplex 9010 (or equivalent) with 8 GB of RAM or better; Laptop: Latitude E6410 (or equivalent) with 8 GB of RAM or better.
  • Common models that are end-of-life with Windows XP on the ESF Campus: Desktop: Any Gateway system, Optiplex system below model number 3000; Laptop: Any non-standard make/model, Latitude D-Series, E5000 series, or E6400. Also, CNS will not support Windows 7 on any system withless than 4 GB of RAM regardless of the other specs.

Institutional Purchases

Special pricing on various system types from Dell is available to SUNY Campuses. Pricing through this agreement is extremely competitive, but models and options are limited and pricing is subject to frequent change.

Click Here for current pricing on an ESF standard Dell Mini Tower or Dell Latitude Laptops available through this agreement. Valid quotes that you can use are available on this page.

Sometimes it is possible to obtain a better deal through Dell's main consumer Web site. If you find that this is the case for your situation, give us the details and we will attempt to have the deal honored as an institutional purchase. Note that not all consumer products or deals (in print or via the Web) are available for purchase through the State/SUNY purchasing agreement or process.

Personal Home Purchases

ESF Employees and students can purchase Dell equipment at a discounted rate. Visit the following SUNY site for a link to our Campus's Dell discount page:

Dell SUNY Employee Personal Purchases

The ESF Member ID is US36573508; Your College ID number may be required at the time of purchase.

This page is intended for use by Faculty, Staff, and Students.

Student Personal Purchases through the SU Book store

ESF students may purchase Dell/Apple PCs through the SU book store (not ESF) at a substantial discount (even over and above the Institutional and Personal purchase deals presented above). Information on available systems can be found at the following Web site:

Note that these configurations are not open to specific changes.