Thursday, February 25, 2021

Purchasing Software

Discounted Software is available for purchase through State Contract or other Campus Software Agreement (for installation on State/College/Research Foundation owned PCs or personally owned PCs that reside on the ESF Campus). Please choose the category of software to the left that you are interested in purchasing. In many cases, you can then download and print purchase requests with all the necessary product information already included. If you do not see a software product listed, please suggest it here.

Microsoft Office Suite: Microsoft Office is available for free to all ESF faculty, staff, and students using your ESFiD credentials through the Microsoft Portal:

Additional software:

SAS: SAS is available at a discount through an agreement with SU. Ordering details can be found on the 
SU ITS Web SAS order form page.

MiniTab: Minitab is available at no cost for installation on College and personally-owned PCs. Please contact the HelpDesk to obtain a copy.


Most of the products listed to the left can only be purchased for installation on State/College/Research Foundation owned computer equipment, or personally owned PCs that reside on the ESF Campus, through the normal college purchasing process. You may not be able to install them on personally owned computer equipment that resides at home. See the individual categories to the left for details.