Thursday, February 25, 2021

Have you ever downloaded a seemingly innocent program from the Internet that serves some 'useful' function? The program was free and all you had to do was fill out a simple form and click a button that might have had 'Install now!' emblazoned on it.

Well, one unfriendly side effect of many such programs is that they may contain Spyware or Adware (generally, malware).

Some popular programs found on Campus that fall into one or both of these categories are: HotBar (and many other 'search-bar ad-ins' for your Internet Browser -- usually Internet Explorer), Gator, BonziBuddy, SaveNow, etc.. Especially bad programs to have running on Campus machines include: Kazaa, Grokster, Morpheus, iMesh, or any other peer to peer file sharing client.

These programs often decrease the stability of a user's PC (make them crash or hang more frequently), promote large numbers of unwanted pop-up ads,  and cause large amounts of unwanted, and unnecessary, traffic on the ESF Campus Network. The level of traffic that can be handled by the Campus network is limited. We should work hard to ensure that only legitimate services are using our bandwidth!

Please use one of the tools mentioned below to remove this software from your PC. If you require assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. Remember: No one single tool does the job completely, so it is wise to have multiple options when dealing with Adware/Spyware. Also, BEWARE of online adds that allegedly will help you download and install Adware/Spyware removal software -- many of these are Adware/Spyware themselves!

Antispyware/Antimalware programs that CNS likes:


Spybot Search and Destroy

Malware Bytes