Thursday, February 25, 2021

Moving Files from SU H: drive to ESF H: drive

1.    Log into an on-campus PC with your ESFiD.
2.    Open the File Explorer on the bottom of the screen and look for your H: drive on the left side.
3.    Open this folder – it is your new ESF H: drive.
4.    Open the RUN command by pressing the Windows Key+R and enter the path listed on your desktop.
5.    Click OK
6.    This will eventually prompt you for your SU credentials. Enter as seen here:
              a.   Username:
              b.   Password: SU NetID Password

This will open a folder that contains everything you have on your SU H: drive.
Highlight everything you want to copy over.
Right click and copy (CTRL+C).
Return to the ESF H: drive you opened in step 3, and paste (CTRL+V) selected contents into this folder.

This completes the transfer of your documents from the SU H: drive. When logging into any ESF campus PC, you will find all of your files in this new location. Your storage allocation is 10GB.