Tuesday, June 19, 2018
Periodically, items such as thumb drives, sweaters, mugs or other personal effects are left behind in the Baker Computing Labs. If found, please report or return these items to the Helpdesk assistant on duty.

If you are looking for a lost item, please feel free to inquire after it at the Helpdesk - and be sure to bring your campus ID Card if you receive an email confirming we have found your thumb drive!


LOSE A FILE? Restore it from the twice-daily backups!

If you notice one or many files/folders missing from your desktop, documents or any other folder when you log in to a public computer on the ESF or SU campuses – you can now restore previous versions of that file! SU’s backup system takes a ‘snapshot’ of your user profile at Noon and 6pm everyday – so all hope may not be lost for your missing lab!!

To restore a file/folder, right-click on the folder in question with the Windows Explorer and choose “Restore Previous Versions”:

This will bring up a list of previous saves of your folder, from which you can “Open” to view individual files, or “Restore” to replace all files in that folder with the backup: