Tuesday, January 26, 2021

ESF Printing Information:

What: Faculty, Staff, and Students are given a 500 unit quota per year to use on public printers at ESF for the academic year. The ESF Computing Center charges for any additional printing in an effort to stop the incredible waste of past years. Print quotas will not transfer from academic year to academic year and will reset the weekend prior to the start of the fall semester.

Procedure: When the initial quota is exhausted, the individual can go to the Cashier’s office in Bray Hall (102 Bray Hall) to purchase additional printing units. 500 printing units cost $20.00 ($10 for 250 units or $5 for 125). After purchasing, students MUST present their receipt to a CNS worker in room 317 Baker Labs (the HelpDesk) to have their quota replenished. Faculty and Staff can use State/Research account numbers to add quotas. Please give the HelpDesk attendant in 317 Baker Labs all pertinent information to facilitate the purchase of quota from an account.

Printing Tips:

'Charges:' 'Page,' or unit, costs will vary with printer. If you print on a color laser printer you are charged 5 units from your quota for a single-sided page. If you use the black and white laser printers, you are charged 1 unit from your quota for every page-side printed. There is a 50% credit for printing on both sides (duplex) on all printers that duplex. Charges on the large format printer in room 317 Baker are 15 units per square foot.

For a normal 3'X4' poster, you are charged 180 units.

Page refunds:
If something does not print and you are charged for the job, you can request a page refund in 317 Baker Labs for that job. Be prepared to identify the faulty print job by document name.

Quota Transfer: Given the monetary nature of the print quota system, CNS does not perform transfer of print quota from one user to another. To replenish your quota, please visit our campus cashier's office in 102 Bray Hall.

Staff/Research Accounts: ESF employees may use a departmental or research accounts as credit for the purchasing of more credit to print as needed. The CNS staff at the Help Desk will take down your information and your account will be charged at the end of the semester. It is not necessary (or possible) to purchase more quota from the Cashier's Office using RF or State accounts.

Print ONLY what you absolutely need to print.

Select your printer! Print using the following Method: Go to the File menu and choose Print. When the Print window appears, select a printer appropriate for your location. The default printer is Adobe Acrobat on ESF Computing Center and Public PCs. This means that not selecting your printer will cause your print job to be saved to a .PDF file and not sent to a printer.

Double-sided printing (duplex printing) is available on all Computing Center printers and the printer located on the main level of Moon Library (for use only on the main floor of Moon Library).

To duplex:

  • Go to File --> Print and then select the printer.
  • Click the Properties/Preferences button.
  • On the 'Printing Shortcuts' tab, select 'Two-sided (Duplex) printing' and click OK.

Print multiple slides per page. If you are given a PowerPoint file for a class and absolutely need to print it, you can save paper and print quota by printing more than 1 slide per page.

    To print multiple slides per page from within PowerPoint:

  • Go to File --> Print and then select the printer.
  • Click the Properties/Preferences button.
  • On the 'Printing Shortcuts' tab, select 'Two-sided (Duplex) printing' and click OK.

Beware of complex print jobs and Poison .PDF files! Sometimes, very complicated PowerPoint files and certain .PDF files can cause our printers to respond slowly or not at all. If this happens with a file you are printing, inform the staff in 317 Baker Labs and the owner of the file (the Instructor, for example).

Release   »    Station         14 Moon Moon main level 317 Baker**
Laser Printer

Color Printer NA* NA*
Large Format NA* NA*
* Not Available.
** Serving 309, 310, 314 and 319 Baker with centralized printers.

» Laser Printer: HP LaserJet 9050dn

Use the Laser Printer for fast, black-and-white, letter-sized (8.5"X11") pages with available duplexing. Cost: 1 quota unit per printed side.

» Color Printer: HP LaserJet 5550dtn

Use the Color Printer to print picture-quality, letter-sized (8.5"X11") and 11"X17" pages. This printer is also capable of duplex (double-sided) printing. Cost: 5 quota units per printed side (any size); There is no longer a discount for duplex printing.

» Large Format Color Printer (Plotter): HP DesignJet 4500 PS

Use the Plotter to print maps, plats, or large designs on 36" wide rolled paper. Cost: 15 quota units per square foot of paper used.