Thursday, February 25, 2021

Welcome to CNS

Your ESFiD is used to access many digital resources and systems on the ESF campus. You can manage yours through the link above.

Evergreen Wireless is here!
Information about our upgraded wireless
network can be found here:

Evergreen WiFi Info

Off-campus access to campus network storage (H, F, and Departmental drives)

ESF employees can access their ESF email through with this link:

ESF Staff Email

Dangerous email:

One of the greatest threats to security on the ESF Campus Network is email.

NEVER open email messages with attachments that:

  1. You are not expecting
  2. You do not know the name or address of the person who sent the message.

NEVER provide information about yourself on a Web site or via email that you are not completely sure who will see the information.
ALWAYS review the Privacy Policy of a Web site before giving up information about yourself.

CNS knows your username, as it is the same as your email address; and neither CNS or ITS will ever ask for your password through a generalized, unspecific email out of the blue - so please do not email out your username, password or date of birth.

Following these simple rules can help us all ensure a more secure environment!

Before you call us, please answer the following questions:

1) Have you restarted your computer?

This is a common question that we ask when contacted for assistance. Please, before contacting us, restart your computer to see if your issue can be resolved in this manner. It is surprising the number of issues that can be solved with a simple restart.

NOTE: We are not responsible for any perceived loss of data when a user restarts their PC. It is the responsibility of the user to properly save any data prior to restarting their PC or applications.

2) Are the pieces of your PC properly assembled?

Are your Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor, and Network cable properly and securely plugged into your PC? Please check this thoroughly. If you are not certain, unplug them and securely plug them back in to your PC (with your PC turned off).

Looking to Upgrade?

Get our latest quote for a new laptop or desktop PC from Dell.

Looking to sync your email to a smartphone

or tablet?

Check out our Email FAQ for some tips! 

Wondering when you can use a performance PC open to campus users?

Check out our Computing Center section for Hours of Operation and Lab Schedules

Not sure who to contact?


call the HELPDESK 
@ 315-470-6861

or use the
"Request Help"
button above!

Note: The CNS HelpDesk services, and supplies software to, college-owned (tagged) equipment only.